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Accesorio - PAL3001


The PAL 3001 is a sophisticated – easy to use Electro Mechanic Device to set the Shut Height of a Crimping Press and evaluate its stability (force applied when crimping). It has to be installed in the Press as it would be a standard applicator and connected to a Laptop via cable (included in the supply). When cycling the Press, all measured data are stored in a database and generate various report. Particular, CMK’s studies are generated automatically and prove the reliability of the Press for a Quality Production


 PAL 3001




 Battery 12V
700 - 1100mAH


 115-230 VAC


 4 ore di lavoro 
(carica visibile su PC)






 optimum shut

heigth ±250 µm










 24V DC



·        Compact: precise force control, height measurement and evaluation electronics in one device

·        Intelligent: sensor signals are processed by the integrated micro controller

·        Confortable, because battery-powered: no need to look for a mains plug

·        Pal 3001 suits fully automatically the machine speed

·        Adjusting gauge for shut height with "slow motion" function

·        Shut height setting possible with four different counter poises (10KN, 8KN, 6KN, 4KN)

·        Measuring of the force and shut height stability under production conditions

·        Simple operation via PC-based operator interface

·        All setting are done automatically

·        Simultaneous determination of the analysing capability of the crimp force monitor CFM MX / CFM GP via serial interface

·        Signal evaluation and trend monitoring online and offline available.

·        Packing and storage in a stable and extra designed box




 The mass production of wiring harnesses, especially in the automotive supply industry must meet and be verified according to the highest quality standard. The combination of state of the art technology and long-term experience in the wire harness businnes makes the PAL3001 to a most innovative and useful tool for the quality control in the wire harness production.

Our press analyser PAL3001 offers you this verification with its state of the art measuring technique.


·        Fast and safety

·        Immediate evaluation on the PC possible

·        Results of measurement can be stored and retrieved in a database

·        Reports can be printed in various formats

·        Notebook function for maintenance jobs


Job routines to test the presses are simple and require minimum expense of your time

Replace the crimping tool by PAL3001. Connect with your laptop (no further cabling necessary). Start the program and the press, after the second cycle all setting are made automatically. After each cycle the new shape with its results is displayed. With the programmable relay you can start/stop cycles with a mouse click.